Achieving What I Set Out To Do Last Year.

I absolutely hate moving. I even paid a few guys to help out and I still hated it. But I hate wasting money even more, so I am glad I am in the new place that is $400 cheaper every month. That’s $4800 over the course of single year! This new apartment is going to offer me up a wealth of opportunities that I am only just beginning to understand and see. With clarity comes chance! Let’s take a look at what my situation looks like at the moment…

– Rent is now only $1000 per month. This is only a few bucks more than I paid at the cheapest place I have lived in the past 10 years, so I feel like I have gone back time with my monthly rent.

– My utilities are a whopping $35 per month or so. This includes water, sewer, power. Granted, internet and mobile phone are still due as well, but the apartment itself is now costing me only $1035 per month!

– All my bills are paperless and charged to my credit card each month, so I never see nor have to worry about a bill. I have added up what they amount to each month, divided that number by 4, and automatically send that $ amount every Monday to the credit card via online bill pay.

– I am completely out of debt, including my car. No more $300 per month car payments or carrying around the weight of owing money to someone else. Everything that is mine is actually MINE. It feels wonderful to know this. This is the first time I have not had a car payment since 1999, and if I have any say I will never have one again.

– Having ditched most of my books, all my CD’s and DVD’s, 5 major pieces of furniture, and keeping mostly only those things that are necessary for every day living, I feel…lighter. My 1 bedroom apartment almost feels like a loft because it’s not jam-packed with “stuff” taking up every corner and nook in the place.

– Because of lesser expenses and the lack of debt, I no longer have to really worry about how much money I make, nor have to sit in front of this computer all day every day just to make ends meet. I can comfortably bring in enough to cover everything and still save a bit, which in turn will…

– Offer up opportunities to get the heck out of dodge. I plan on spending a lot of this summer on the road, checking out new places I have never been to. My “work” continues to make money while I am away from home, and of course I can always bring my laptop with me to work from the road. I can leave for as long as I like, as all my deposits and payments are automatic and paperless.

All of this has been my goal for a long, long time. Low monthly expenses. Ability to work from anywhere. All finances on auto-pilot. Debt-free. And I have finally achieved what I had set out to do just last year.

Why am I writing all this down? One, for me. It feels good to put it down on “paper”. Two, to show people that it CAN be done. Whether instantaneous or through working towards it over a year or more, anything is possible. The problem?

What do I do now?

Kidding. 🙂

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