A Short Guide to Goal Setting

Reviewing Goals, and Being Dynamic

Using the SMART formula for goal setting it is easy to change dreams into goals, into reality. By defining the goal and making it measurable I can work towards it, and make progress at a pace set by me. By being SMART the need to save some money, or the goal to go traveling, has been set; but only in chalk.

Goals must be reviewed regularly. See whether you are in line with your aim, whether there are any new options available, whether the goal is still obtainable, or whether it needs adjusting. Maybe the date can be pushed back a little, maybe it can be brought forward a little. Maybe a new opportunity has arisen which has allowed you to make more money, and this has affected the calculations.

Goal setting is there to help you achieve goals more effectively, never to restrict progress. Be willing to readjust whenever it is required, always sticking to SMART to make the changes. Be dynamic and ready to seize opportunities that were not originally accounted for.

Hopefully this goal setting guide can help you transform your life, and plan for a better tomorrow, by acting today.