9 Ways To Grow Old Gracefully

We all have to grow old. It is a fact of life, and one that all of us must face. Some people seem to have taken up the challenge of growing old gracefully, and have an ability to stay happy and youthful, even as they age. They see growing old as another stage of life and treat their old age with as much respect as they did their youth. They show us that it is possible to grow old gracefully, and here are 9 of the ways they do it:

  • Stay Active

As we get old it is important to stay physically active, especially when we no longer work and enter retirement. We should always be using our bodies and regular exercise will improve our quality of life as we age. It doesn’t have to be vigorous; a short walk every day should do it. The fresh air and change of environment is also good for our minds, so exercise outdoors if possible.

  • Good diet

Nutrition is an important aspect of health, and helps to keep the immune system functioning well, and the body feeling strong. Try to eat natural food, and enjoy the process of choosing, cooking, and eating. Fresh salads and plenty of vegetables are recommended, and a diet high in nutrition.

  • Mental And Social Stimulation

The healthiest elderly people that I know, surround themselves with social and mental stimulation. Nothing will age a person quicker than sitting at home in front of the television all day every day, so try to get out of the house as much as possible. Talk to people on a daily basis; whether it be guests, people at the market, or just pick up the telephone. We need to keep our minds active throughout life and the way we do this is by being in a stimulating environment. Granted we might not need as much of a sensory overload as when we were young but we still need to keep our minds fresh.

  • Look After Something Or Someone

Everyone likes to feel some sense of purpose. We want to wake up in the morning and feel we have something to do, perhaps even someone to rely on us. After a long life of pursuing goals and careers some of the elderly people I look up to most, find a lot of joy in giving to other people. They have made their way through life and now they feel it best to try and give to others. Maybe they have come to understand life in their old age! It also seems to benefit their well being. Another option is to look after a pet, a dog perhaps, or tend to a small garden.

  • Hobbies And Interests

Hiking, knitting, music, cooking, painting. Growing old doesn’t have to be a stagnant time of life. There is plenty still to explore and no one on this Earth can ever get to a point where they have done all there is to do, and know all there is to know. A friend’s dad who I know spends much of his retirement playing musical instruments and computer programming, both activities he can enjoy despite physical difficulties. If you can combine hobbies and interests with exercise and socializing, then even better.

  • Carry On Learning

There used to be a scientific myth which said that we could not form new pathways, or learn very easily when we get old; that we could not produce new brain cells. New research tells us that our brain continues to develop right up until our last days alive, and that learning is quite possible when we are old. Why not learn about all those subjects you never had time for when you were younger? There are a vast amount of topics that could be explored; history, geography, religion, science, any skill imaginable. Attend classes or browse the internet. Most of all be willing to learn off other people, old and young.

  • Listen To Other People

As we get older we may have a tendency to become set in our ways. We have been alive for long enough to know a thing or two about how the world works, and perhaps age can come to make us wiser. Part of this wisdom is to listen to other people, and to be willing to take on their perspective, even in old age. This is especially true of the younger generation, who might not understand the years we have lived, and the lessons we have learned, but may be able to teach us a thing or two about the modern world. The young remain inspired, and what they lack in wisdom they make up for in flare. Why not look to them for energy and inspiration?

  • Don’t Be Afraid

To be perfectly blunt we must all get old, and we must all die at some point. This is a little frightening but something that each and every one of us must accept. We must conquer our fear of old age, so that we can come to enjoy it as a beautiful stage of life.

  • Age Is A Number

A person who grows old gracefully knows that age is just a number. It is possible to stay young, with the maturity and wisdom of old age to back it up. So be happy with life, and enjoy growing old.