9 Things That Kill Your Work Productivity

Life is all about balance, but when you want to get the job done it is important to work hard towards your goals. Distractions can be all around us, especially if we are not in a productive mood. There are some ways to stay on top of work, and there are some big no no’s, some barriers that can stop us getting down to it. Here are 9 things that kill your work productivity.


One of the biggest blows to our productivity is tiredness. We cannot function at the top of our game when we have not had much sleep. It might seem like a good idea to plough on with work right into the night, but it is a much better idea to catch some sleep and wake up ready for round two in the morning.


Stress is often a result of too much work. When we have too much work we tend to feel that we have to rush through it, and we feel the pressure of the deadlines. This creates more stress and the cycle continues. We might feel like our stress is helping. In reality it is better to be in a state of relaxed awareness, with a sustainable pace. If you find yourself stressed it is probably best to take some down time, relax and rest, and come back later with a fresh mind.

Hunger/Bad Diet

What we eat also contributes to our rate of productivity, as well as when we eat, and how much. If we eat a very heavy carb filled meal, then we might be sluggish and unproductive at least whilst we digest. Similarly, if we are running on empty then we literally do not have the fuel to be at our most productive. We need energy to function, so skipping breakfast or lunch is never good for productivity. Instead, try to eat a nutrient rich diet, little and often, so as not to be too hungry or too full during work.

Social Life

It is unfortunate to say a highly active social life can be a detriment to productivity. When we really want to get things done we need to make sacrifices. That does not mean neglecting friends and family, and the trick is balance. It is important for our mind to see other people; for inspiration and to keep us fresh. Too much socializing can leave too little time for work, and can be tiring.


If your social or personal life revolves around intoxication, this is likely to stunt productivity. We feel run down after a night on the booze, and we lose valuable productivity time, as well as putting our health at risk. Often a heavy night can lead to several days of being unable to focus.

Lack of Organization

Whatever the work, whatever the task, it is important to organize the work into digestible chunks, and to organize our time well. The more we can break down the work, and work out what we need to do and how to do it, the more our mind can clearly focus on getting the job done. When we plan we can see our progress, and we know if we get a little behind. Organization can be key, and some people will need to develop a solid routine.


If your work space is cluttered this is likely to cause a lack of productivity. The effect can be psychological and physical. Our minds feels more cluttered, and our task becomes more fiddly, as we struggle to find what we need. Part of organization, is to keep your environment in check.


Procrastination come in many forms. It is however a result of a distracted mind. That is, our mind becomes distracted, and then we look for things to occupy it. Our attention span is not very long; 10 minutes or so perhaps. We should take regular breaks from work whenever possible, rotate between tasks, and try to power through. Social media, phones, and televisions are all distractions from our productivity. When I am working I try to keep away; don’t try to work and watch television at the same time if you want to get anything done!

Pushing Too Hard

Believe it or not, pushing too hard can kill our work productivity. Sure we might get more done at first, but if our minds or bodies are pushed too hard too fast they will eventually rebel, and give in. Instead we should find a sustainable pace, one which we can hold for the entire time we are working, and over the weeks and months.

There are many things that can kill productivity, but much of it is in our mind. We must learn to stay focused, and to develop a sustainable pace for our work. The trick is balance; we need plenty of time to rest, to relax, to socialize. We should balance this with our workload so that we can work through ti as undistracted as possible.