9 Places Where You Can Manage Your Money Online For Free.

Besides your own bank which might also offer the service (mine does – Bank of America), there are plenty of other websites where you can monitor all your bank accounts – and sometimes even your frequent flier miles, reward point balances, and your spending habits – for free. If your bank doesn’t offer this kind of service, you might want to check out one of the following sites:

1. Mint – Mint connects to over 5,000 US banks and credit unions, credit card, brokerage, and mutual fund companies to keep your transactions and account balances automatically up-to-date. Mint even auto-balances your checkbook and auto-categorizes your transactions. Set it up once and you’re done.

2. Wesabe – Our easy-to-use, Web-based software gives members a better understanding of how they spend money. The Wesabe community shares tips and advice to help each other make better financial decisions. We believe pooling information on where we all spend can help you make better financial decisions and ultimately take control of your money to reach financial goals.

3. Yodlee – The most comprehensive online banking solution on the market ― offers an unparalleled user experience, helping consumers gain control, insight, and convenience. (This software runs a majority of online banking offers)

4. Geezeo – Geezeo is a free website that makes it easy to track and manage your finances. Use Geezeo to track all your bank accounts, set and track financial goals, stay on a budget and collaborate with others about financial situations important to you.

5. Buxfer – Our goal is to create the best personal finance application on the web. Money is typically not the topic of discussion for a group of twenty-somethings wanting to have fun with their lives. But that’s only because today’s finance applications make it difficult and boring. That’s what we have set about to change! We want people to effortlessly understand their finances. And have fun while doing so.

6. Moneytrackin’ – A free online webapp that allows you to track all your expenses and income easily and without effort, thus allowing you to have a clear view of your financial situation. It intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool.

7. My Spending Plan – Powerful online budgeting software and planning tools for all your needs! Save money, reduce debt, manage tasks and reach your financial goals faster. It’s safe, secure and no downloads are required!

8. Track Your Budget – You can set up cash, checking, savings, and credit card accounts and enter standard withdrawal, deposit, and transfer transactions for each account. You’ll have the ability to tag and jot down notes about your transactions for easy reference. There is also the ability to set up a monthly budget and when you enter transactions, you can immediately see how it affects your budget, making it much easier to stay on top of your money.

9. budgetEDGE – A free and anonymous place for you to create and manage your finances, using a forward-looking, paycheck-driven approach that shows you if (when) you will run out of money.

I am all about managing my money online, as I cannot stand paper clutter at home. I don’t like getting statements, I don’t like writing physical checks, and I really appreciate being able to access my financial records from anywhere at any time. I like my paperless banking system! What about you? Do you do online banking to reduce clutter/stay organized? If so, what do you use?

Post originally from my other site, My Two Dollars.

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