9 Habits Of A Healthy Couple

All couples go through hard times; some more than others. There are certain habits that healthy couples have ingrained into their relationship. Whether they have learned over time the patience and love they have developed, or whether they are just meant to be together, some people just have that vibe. They sit well together, and they enjoy their time as a couple. I personally think it is all a learning curve, and that Hollywood love is not very real. We must put time and effort into our relationships, and our love life is no different. Of course every couple are different, because a couple is simply two individuals who have chosen to be together. There are some common hallmarks:

1. Spend Time Together

So many factors influence the basic dynamics of a relationship in a modern society. In this age, long term relationships and marriage can quite successfully occur across different towns, counties, states, countries and even continents. The amount of time spent together will vary depending on these circumstances, but all healthy couples make sure they have that time together, whenever they can. They put effort into seeing their other half, even if it means flying half way around the world; healthy couples build their relationship through the time they spend together; and this time will be golden!

2. Spend Time Apart

A healthy couple also know that they need time apart from each other. In my experience it is the number one crucial factor for any couple who are together for most of the time. Each member of a healthy couple respects their individuality, and the individuality of the other, enough to want this time to reflect. They know they will have more to bring to the table as a couple if they reaffirm their individual self every once in while. They know also that absence does make the heart grow stronger, and that time apart reignites excitement after a long time together. Balance is the key my friends, balance.

3. Look Out For Each Other

One of the first thing you might notice about a healthy couple, is that they are always looking our for each other. I am not saying they are hawk-eyeing each other all of the time, or that they are joint to the hip. They look out for each other in another way. They seem to know what the other is feeling, and are looking to help each other out; whether socially, with money, physical comfort, or with inspiration and joy. There always seems to be an underlying awareness when they are together.

4. Communicate Feelings Often

It is very important in a relationship to communicate, even if it seems like the feeling is not strong enough to have to express. By letting our partner know our feelings we make sure they are not left guessing. They can trust that we will tell them if something is wrong. They can also trust that we will tell them when something is right! A healthy couple knows how to express happiness and joy, and to tell the other just how much they mean. They regularly tell each other how much they love each other. This does not have to be with words, and the act is different for every couple. Healthy couples can say “I love you” in a wide variety of ways; even with an insult.

5. Listen To Each Other

Listening is part and parcel of communicating, and communication would be impossible if it were one sided; like talking to a brick wall. Healthy couples express their feelings, but they also listen to their partner’s feelings deeply; they want to know each other, and to understand each other. When they listen they are also responsive to their partners needs.

6. Share Activities

It doesn’t matter whether it is hiking, or zorbing, or mountain biking, theatre, reading, watching films, or whatever, but healthy couples share activities. Sharing activities is very often a part of our social life, and it is the same in a couple. It ties in to spending time together, but if the two can enjoy the same activity, even better!

7. Do Nothing Together

What perhaps makes a really special couple, is one that can quite happily do nothing together. This can be even more powerful than sharing activities; complete comfort lying together with no distractions. Nowhere to have to be, nothing to see more beautiful than the eyes of the other, nothing to have to do. Just being together, lying in silence in total comfort. Healthy couples don’t need to distract themselves from their thoughts, or from the essence of each other; they are happy in each other’s company alone, and that is enough in love.

8. Physical Contact

I am not going to go into the details, I will save that for my erotica writings, but many healthy couples are in the habit of enjoying each others body. Each to their own in that department, but the important trait of a happy couple is that they respect each other’s wants, needs, and boundaries enough to feel at one in the bedroom.

9. Let It Go

Anybody two people who get close, ever, end up irritating each other somehow. It is a fact of life that as we get to know someone we must also deal with their flaws, and with our own inadequacies too. As a result relationships are a playground for growth and learning; or for arguments if the couple can’t learn to let it go. A healthy couple can breeze right over the minor arguments and nuances, brush right past the flaws, insecurities and the pettiness. Their bond runs far deeper than any of that, and no surface scratches are ever going to change how strongly they feel about each other.