8 Simple Ways to Make Someone Feel Special

There has never been a better time to make other people feel special than right now. This can be done in many ways, simple, and often as effective as a small gesture, a little bit of assurance, or a nice comment. Making others feel special requires nothing but a warm heart. Here are a few suggestions to help you along the way.

1. A small gift

A small gift can go a long way, especially if it is well timed and if thought goes into it. The better you know someone the more likely you are to be able to choose a gift that they will cherish. This does not have to mean spending a fortune on someone, and if that’s what it takes then consider that most people are actually genuinely happy with the gesture. A good gift can be functional, decorative, or downright stupid and novel. It depends on the person who you are buying for. I once bought my partner a purple cauliflower, and she considered it as beautiful as any rose!

2. Make something

Even more thoughtful is making something for someone. Not everyone thinks they are capable of this, but the trick is in allowing yourself to be creative without aiming to be so perfect. Make a card, or a model, or a painting, or write a letter for someone. When someone sees that you have put time and effort into making something for them they will also see how much you care for them. When people feel that they are valued they feel special. So get some glue and glitter and create!

3. Remember that special day

People often have special days that mean a lot to them. For many people this can be birthdays, for lovers it can be anniversaries, and special days can also be of mourning. During times of mourning, such as during an anniversary of a death, try to be there for loved ones by offering a little support. When their special happy days comes around make them feel special by sharing the moments with them, and showing some appreciation on their big days.

4. Give them a genuine compliment

Nothing fake here, but when you feel like saying something positive about someone, go ahead and say it. It doesn’t matter whether it is about their appearance, an idea, or a trait that you admire, always be quick to express your positive thoughts to someone in a genuine manner. Nothing makes a person feel more special than hearing a compliment from a loved one. It makes them know that you care, and that you think positively about them.

5. Ask them how they really are

Even when people are not upset they still like to be asked about their emotional state, about their work, and about their situation at home. Of course there are boundaries, and these sorts of conversations are often reserved for people who are close to one another. Why not ask loved ones what is really on their mind, and how they are really feeling at the moment to show that you care.

6. Take them somewhere you know they will enjoy

Special places that have a high amount of significance and meaning in someones life often bring back feelings, and memories, and remind them of the time they first forged a memory there. A great way to make someone feel special is to take them to a place you know they will love, old or new. Lovers often take their partners to the restaurant they first dated at, to invoke the feelings of love and passion, for example. Perhaps you used to holiday somewhere with a loved one in years long past, or maybe you have seen a new place to take them to explore. Make them smile by sharing an experience.

7. Show them how much you know them

It is likely that the most cherished people in your life are people that you know almost a little too well! It makes people feel special when they know that their loved ones understand them, and see what they are all about. Make a gesture, whether verbal or in action, that suggests that you understand deep aspects of them, and that you love them.

8. Tell someone you love them

Okay, its a classic. Saying “I love you” is a sure fire to make someone feel special, a long as it reserved for the times when you mean it the most and not used as a toss-around word. Sometimes it can be a verbal communication, sometimes it can come in the form of any of the suggestions above, or you might have your own ways of expressing it. Whatever the case, nothing makes a person feel more special than love.