6 Ways to Make Your Dreams Come True

Dreams. Everyone has them. Some people have the ability to transform their dreams into reality. The difference between someone who dreams, and someone who can make dreams a reality is vast, but the gap is easily bridged. After dreaming should come doing. Doing is what transforms dreams into reality. There are a few things to consider so here are 6 ways to help make your dreams come true.

  • Know what your dreams are.

How are you ever going to turn dreams into reality if you cannot decide what your dreams are? We dream all of the time, some of us more than others. Some of those dreams feel right; we can imagine ourself actually living the dream. We have to decide which of our dreams we want to come true, so we can work at making it happen. If we spend all of our time dreaming, without ever interpreting what relevance those dreams have and which ones to act on, then we risk losing our dreams in a swirly haze.

  • Action! Dreams come true when action is taken.

It is that simple. Yes, I believe in the law of attraction is some ways, but not in the way that it has been glorified; not in a way that recommends sitting around waiting for a manifestation. Instead I recommend breaking a dream down into digestible chunks that can be achieved. Targets that are attainable and realistic that eventually culminate in a realized dream. Break everything down this way and make a plan, but leave it open and flexible. Go out into the world and make it happen; then you will see the power to attract. Action will make it happen there is no question. Be motivated; the motivation to make your dream come true should be enough to keep the action up.

  • Be open to opportunity.

When you are dynamic and open to opportunities that come your way, then things have a tendency to happen. Opportunity is all around us, and as we set our sights on our dreams we begin to see clearly what was already there. We will attract what we need to achieve our dreams if we trust in life, and in ourselves, enough to allow it all to happen.

  • Law of attraction and action.

So here is where I stand when it comes to the law of attraction; we should take positive action and if the universe comes to our aid we should be open and receptive to the help it can provide. The path of least resistance is preferable as long as it helps our dreams to come true, so why not be flexible enough to allow aid from unexpected places. Just keep the action going as a commitment from yourself to your dreams.

  • Here is an example from my own life; I needed money to go traveling.

Money does not appear on my desk as I would wish it to. Instead I started the ball rolling by getting a weekend cleaning job to give me more income whilst working on my writing. A day later, I kid you not, I get an email offering me £2000 worth of work at Glastonbury festival, and a load of writing work lands on my desk. In one day all of the opportunity fell into place and my ticket to travel was handed to me. But it all started through my own efforts and commitments, both to writing, and in getting a cleaning job.

  • Remove barriers.

Barriers get in the way of dreams. There are physical and psychological blockages that seem to get in the way, and stop dreams from coming true. They can come in many forms, whether it be financial, through work and relationships, attachments to people and places, and fear, especially of change. It is important to work on removing the barriers that are getting in the way of your dreams. This could be implemented as part of your plan; for example to overcome financial barriers by earning more money. Identify barriers, and eliminate them.

Psychological barriers must be dealt with through self examination, but often our resistance to change and our attachments are the reason we do not see our dreams through to the end. We must be willing to move out of our comfort zone, and we must know that loved ones should support our actions and dreams. Let go of fear and go for it!

Meditation and visualization

One way to remove barriers is through meditation, or the process of looking within. Practice deep breathing techniques and reach a state of peace, and internal stillness. When you arrive tell yourself that it is important to overcome barriers and imagine them being removed from your mind. Visualize yourself realizing your dream; imagine the feelings associated with it, or the places, or the job, or whatever it might be. Visualize it as fully as possible, and know that you are already there. Believe in yourself and think positively.