5 Ways To Get Super Motivated In The Morning

Some people can spring out of bed and into action as if the last day had never ended. For others the morning is a groggy time, a time to wipe sleep from the eyes, and mull over a cup of coffee. For more still it is a time for rolling out of bed, practically falling down the stairs and out of the door, rushing to grab some liquid breakfast and brushing their teeth at the same time, with little regard for the fact that toothpaste and orange together are ultimately disgusting.

If you are part of the latter two categories; those who find the mornings a bit of a struggle, then you might benefit from some of the advice here on how to get super motivated in the morning. The first tip, and the one that precedes all other tips, is that you need to give yourself plenty of time in the morning. Rushing in the morning might seem like the best idea, but it leaves the whole day in a scurry. Relaxed focus is much more sustainable.

Get up in Plenty of Time

Even if this means setting your alarm earlier, or sacrificing all of those needless snoozes, it is very important to get up with plenty of spare time. Waking up is a process that should be relaxed and enjoyable. This is not the case when it is rushed. The mornings have gained a bad reputation because most people don’t know how to enjoy them. Slow down and relax. Having an enjoyable wake-up process is much more beneficial than snoozing twenty times, and then rushing out of the door with no breakfast.

Take a Breath or Three

Before jumping out of bed, just lie there and take a few deep breaths. Take a minute to come round, let some light into your eyes. Draw the curtains. Breath again to get the air circulating round your body. What is 2 minutes now to guarantee you a better day?

Have a Good Breakfast

The definition of a good breakfast varies across cultures, and depending on the situation. A good breakfast at the weekend might be different to one during the week. In general, if you have a lot to do during the day a light breakfast makes for a good start. Try a fruit smoothie, it’s healthy and will give you a nice energy boost. Whatever it is, nothing gives you motivation like a good breakfast. It is your energy for the rest of the morning.

Gather Your Thoughts

Sit down with no distractions for ten minutes. Just sit. You probably feel more awake already after a good breakfast but it never harms to gather your thoughts for the day. Just sit for 5 minutes and let your mind wander, collecting any left over thoughts from the day before.

When you are ready, and feel your mind has popped into place, think about your goals for the day. Be positive and think about all that you can enjoy and accomplish. Internal motivation is the most powerful, and giving yourself time in the morning to think about what you want from the day will really help give you a motivational boost.

Exercise and Fresh Air

You have energy, you have steadily awoken your mind, and now it is time to treat your body well. It is time to tell it to wake up, and let it know that the day has begun. Doing some stretches is a very enjoyable way to get some gentle exercise, and when you stretch oxygen reaches the muscles, leading to a more awake and motivated state of mind. Going for a walk will help you to wake up and the fresh air and change of environment always helps to start the day well. Play to your strengths and what you enjoy, but get some fresh air and do a little exercise.

Listen to Some Music

You should feel nice and awake, with a relaxed focus now. You have given yourself time to gather your thoughts, time to think about what you want to achieve, and time to kick-start your body into action. Now, if you have any time left over before beginning work or whatever you are doing, why not listen to some music? Music helps to stimulate our brains, bodies, and emotions, and everybody has certain musicians that help them to invoke a motivational state of mind. Listening to some music is a great way to get motivated, and to put you in a good mood for the day.

Waking up can be an enjoyable process. In order to be motivated in the morning we need to take our time. It might seem backwards but the more time we give ourselves in the morning before we begin to work at our goals, the more we will be able to maintain our motivation over the course of the day. Get a routine going that helps you to motivate yourself, and that allows you to enjoy the morning; which is a wonderful time of day in its own right. Wake up with nature, stretch, yawn, and ease yourself in.