18 Things Confident People Never Do

Life lessons can come in many different forms. We can learn a lot from observing the world around us, and especially from observing ourselves and other people. Everyone has problems, but somehow confident people seem to breeze through life, brushing their dirt aside so that they can enjoy living. We all strive to be confident, and self assured, and we can learn a lot from knowing how not to go about it. Here are 18 things that confident people never do:

  • Avoid Eye Contact

Confident people never avoid strong eye contact. They are not shifty in their gaze, and the rest of their body language also follows suite. They give off the signals that they want to give off, and their body speaks its language fluently.

  • Shy Away From Social Situations

    Confidence does not necessarily imply extroversion. You can be confident and quiet and introverted. However, confident people do not shy away from social situations because they do not fear meeting new people, or the judgment of others. They likely look confident at a parties even if they are not butterflying around.


  • Hide Who They Are

Confident people never hide who they are, and this includes their negative traits and the mistakes they make. Confidence does not imply perfection, and is not akin to arrogance. Insecurities often lead people to try to give off an impression of flawlessness, where a truly confident person is humble enough to admit all aspects of themselves.

  • Fear Expressing Their Thoughts

A confident person does not fear expressing their thoughts. This does not necessarily mean they have to be outspoken or heavily opinionated, but when they feel they have something to offer, and feel they should share what they think and feel, they have the confidence to let it be known.

  • Seek The Approval Of Others

Confident people do not seek the approval of others because they do not better themselves for the sake of attention, they do it for themselves. They know the value of their achievements, and that is enough for them. No need to brag, no need to seek attention.

  • Pass Up Opportunity

Opportunity is all around us, we only have to see it. A confident person knows this and they do pass on it when it comes their way. They like a challenge, an opportunity for growth, and they like to learn.

  • Cling To People

Confident people can stand on their own two feet. That is not to say that they don’t enjoy the company of other people, but they are integral enough to enjoy their own company, and to feel confident even when they are alone, or in a new social situation. You won’t find them joined to the hip of their friends.

  • Lie To Themselves Or Others

Confident people don’t need to deceive people. They feel comfortable enough in themselves that they can be honest. They do not need to lie to themselves or to other people.

  • Indulge Too Often In Escapism

Part of being confident is valuing life. A confident person does not need to indulge in needless escapism because they are happy with themselves and their life. They might still go out and have fun, but they will find themselves less and less needing the help of drugs and alcohol to do so.

  • Mask Their Appearance

Confident people may well look after their physical appearance. But often this will involve wearing clothes and having a style that they feel comfortable in. They are unlikely to be self obsessed and insecure about their appearance. Too much make up, or plastic surgery is rarely a sign of confidence.

  • Belittle Others To Feel Good

Confident people are not inoffensive. Sometimes their ability to voice their opinion will be taken to heart, but never will a confident person set about belittling someone for the sake of making themselves feel better.

  • Avoid Criticism

Confident people welcome a bit of constructive criticism. They do not avoid learning more about themselves, so they are open to being criticized, just as they are open to give out criticism.

  • Compromise Their Values

It is hard to go through life without compromising our values, but this is something that a confident person does not do. They are sure that their values are what matters the most, and are confident enough to know that any opportunity that asks them to do so, is not a real opportunity at all.

  • Forget Their Direction

Floating around in the void is not an option for confident people. They need direction and is they don’t have one they will soon find one. Then they will stick at their goals and see them through. They do not forget that they have direction.

  • Ignore Their Own Judgement

Part of being confident is having the intuition to make your own decisions, and trusting your own ability to do so. A confident person simply cannot ignore their own judgement.

  • Refuse Help From Others

Being confident does mean making sound judgements, but this does not mean a confident person refuses to take help from other people. They understand the value of having input from others, and they do not limit their perspective by being stubborn to that of others.

  • Talk About Themselves All The Time

Chances are a confident person has as much to say about their life as anyone else. But they are not looking for attention, and feel comfortable with themselves. Therefore they may tend not to talk about themselves all of the time, and will be happy to engage with other people about their lives.

  • Stay The Same

Everything in life is subject to one rule; change. Change is inevitable, and all of the time our situation, relationships, and our self is changing. Confident people are not resilient to change. They see change as growth, and they want to grow.