11 Signs Of A Healthy Friendship

Good friends are hard to come by, and we only need a few. They are those special people in our lives that will always be there, no matter what directions takes you on different paths. Whatever it is that brought you together you will not be torn apart! The friendship is solid, and the foundations deeply rooted. Here are 11 signs of a healthy friendship:

  • You Can Appreciate Each Others Differences

Everyone in the world is different. Liking someone’s personality is a good start in a friendship. In a healthy friendship we enjoy aspects of each other, we enjoy what the other brings to the table, and what they bring to our lives. A healthy friendship begins with an appreciation for someones unique character and personality traits. We have to enjoy their company first and foremost.

  • You Trust Each Other

One of the fundamental aspects of any relationship is trust. There are many different levels of trust and a healthy relationship has them all intact. First, we need to trust that a person will not steal from us, or cause us deliberate physical or emotional harm. This includes trusting that they will not try to poison our friendships or our life aims. The next level is that we can trust them to keep their word, and to keep our secrets. This trust can eventually be extended, in a strong friendship, as far as trusting someone with your life.

  • You Can Talk To Each Other

Everyone needs someone who they can talk to, whether it is just for a casual natter, or for a more serious conversation. When we talk with a good friend we know we can talk about whatever is on our mind, no matter how deep or shallow it may be. We know they will understand, and if they don’t they will give us the time. They will give us advice if that’s what we need, or they will listen to us rant and cry. More than anything they give us some of the best chats of our lives.

  • You Feel Comfortable In Silence

We can’t always be talking, especially if we spend a prolonged period of time with someone. We must therefore learn how to be silent, and this develops with a good friendship. We don’t see silence as being negative or awkward and we learn that we don’t always need to talk to be in their company. This makes for a more dynamic and less forced relationship, and means we can be comfortable in any mood around our friends.

  • You Support Each Other’s Life Aims

When we are young, at school or college for example, it can seem like all of our friends are heading in the same direction with us. As life progresses we realize that this is simple not the case; everyone has their own individual course, and their own aims in life. In a true friends we develop an understanding of each other’s goals and we respect the efforts of the other to advance on their own path. In turn we feel that they also respect ours, even if they are completely different. We support the other person because we want them to be happy.

  • Time And Space Are Not An Issue

With life comes issues of time and space, and sometimes this gap can grow quite large. Still a healthy friendship does not discourage this from happening. We want the best for our friends, and they want the best for us A healthy friendship would sooner face boundaries of space and time than live close together restricting each other’s life goals. Time and space never ruin a good friendship. It doesn’t even matter if no contact is made for a long time, the friendship transcends all of that.

  • It Is Not Awkward When You Catch Up

With time and space becoming more of a factor sometimes we might not see our good friends for a long time. You may have lived completely different lives, and have changed as people. Still, when you catch up with them it never takes long to start to remember why the friendship is so strong. A healthy friendship can catch up with change, and the relationship develops whilst keeping a tone that has always been there; one of good friendship.

  • You Respect Each Others Point Of View

Everybody has different ideas, different views of the world and everything in it. None of my best friends think in the same way as me. They don’t think so different that we cannot see eye-to-eye but they definitely have their own opinions. What matters in a friendship, more than thinking the same, is that everyone has respect for everyone else’s point of view. That both are willing to learn from each other, or at least accept the difference in perspective.

  • You Laugh And Joke

The craziest of humor develops in a healthy relationship. Often it makes little or no sense to an outside observer, who has not been around to grasp the three year build up to the punchline. Good humor requires all parties to let go of their defensive urges, and also to respect each other’s boundaries, and not take unnecessary digs. Friendship should be fun, good willed, and good humored.

  • You Are There When The Other Needs You

Sometimes we need help. We fall on hard times and we need someone to be there for us. It might be a favor that we need to ask, or advice from someone to help us to gain better perspective. Whatever it is a good friend will see the severity of the situation and be happy to offer what help they can. We of course, should be happy to do reciprocate the favor for our friends.

  • A Healthy Friendship Is Mutual

Mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual appreciation, give and take. A one sided relationship that only takes, or only gives, is not going to develop into a long healthy friendship. Friendship is always mutual.