11 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

When the journey of self betterment begins, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves. It is a constant journey where we must be honest and open to change. Often we find improvement advice can be too metaphysical and theoretical. Here are some practical ways to improve yourself and your life:

  • Eat More Healthily.

Health and well-being start in the body. The first way to improve yourself is to work on a lifestyle that allows the body to thrive. What we eat is very important; it effects our brain chemistry and mood, as well as our digestion and energy levels. A diet that has a high level of nutrient to calorie ratio is a good choice, and vitamins and minerals should be well balanced too. Plenty of fresh, alive vegetables help the body and mind feel great.

  • Exercise.

Eating healthily, and getting plenty of exercise, are the most fundamental improvements you can make to your body. Exercise helps to regulate metabolism, which effects how we store and consume energy. More exercise leads to less energy stored as fat. It is also good for our heart, breathing, muscles, and releases pleasant endorphins, making it good for brain chemistry too. When we feel rooted in our bodies we can work at improving other aspects of ourselves.

  • Socialize; but not to get smashed.

When people think about improving themselves they often think they should spend less time socializing; probably because they associate it with unhealthy habits. I am going to suggest less time getting intoxicated with friends, and more time doing other things; sharing some food, or an activity together. Friends are good for us. They help us to improve by offering us a wider range of perspectives with which to balance our beliefs.

  • Talk More Openly.

Here is a massive improvement, that all of us could make right now, and the world would be a better place tomorrow. Talk more openly; to friends, to family, and to strangers when the time is right. Too often we hide behind barriers when we interact. Openness is a highly admirable quality, and it brings out the best in other people too.

  • Listen to Loved Ones.

As well as learning to talk more openly, a great improvement that everyone around you will appreciate, is learning to listen; more intently, more sincerely, and more deeply. When loved ones talk, especially about something important to them, listen. Be patient and show understanding. Listen to the feeling and emotions they are conveying as well as the words. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to, so learn to listen to them and your relationships will improve ten fold. Do not pretend. Genuinely learn to want to listen, to want to hear what someone thinks and feels.

  • Learn A New Skill.

There is so much we can learn, that it would be a shame not to be learning something new at any given time. The more we learn the more content we feel as we enjoy new activities, and new skills. We also become more interesting people, with more to offer, more to share, and more to teach.

  • Set Achievable Goals.

You might be a one man think-tank for all I know, but if you never put your plans into action you will not achieve your goals. A practical improvement that you can make right now, which will guarantee results, is to set goals which have a solid attainable plan behind them, and a step by step guide to making it happen. Use “SMART” planning; goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Be a doer as well as a thinker.

  • Do A Good Deed Every Day.

It might sound a bit cheesy, but this is a very practical way of making sure you are improving; by being compassionate and giving. Do a good deed for someone who is not expecting it; family, friends, your boss! Anyone. Just try to do one good deed out of nothing other than the goodness of your heart. Do this every day and you will be a better person for it.

  • Cut Out Vices.

Improving isn’t only about adding things to make our life better. It is also about sacrifice, restraint, and self control. Another practical way to improve yourself is to take steps to cut out your vices. Everyone has vices. They are nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of being guilty, try to slowly remove aspects of your life that you know are vices. Start with easy ones, or obvious ones; the ones that are most damaging. Perhaps you drink too much, or you know you are nosy or arrogant. Perhaps some situations make you act childish or selfishly. Whatever the vices it is your job to become aware of them, and start to cut them out.

  • Keep A Diary.

This is a very practical way of learning more about ourselves. We get an inside look into our thoughts when we write, and can see patterns in our life that make us happy or sad, angry or relaxed. We can start to see areas where we can improve, and can better understand our own motives and desires. When we know ourselves we improve ourselves.

  • Keep Wanting To Improve.

I think that we are already more than half way to improving ourselves just by wanting to improve. If we keep wanting to improve and carry on looking for ways to do so, then this becomes part of our aim in life. The ongoing journey of self-improvement never ends; we simply get to know ourselves better, and become more happy in the process. I hope these practical tips for self improvement have been useful to you.

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