10 Things Challenge – Week Eleven.

Sure, it may be 4 months later, but it’s still the 11th time I have posted a 10 Things Challenge! For those of you who don’t know, back in August of last year I started an almost-weekly post listing 10 things I was getting rid of in order to declutter my house. Well, I got rid of a ton of stuff and then moved to Colorado where I live now. And since I am settled in here (although thinking of moving yet again), I decided there was much more I could still get rid of and that I didn’t need. Over this past weekend I pulled 34 books from my bookcase – and it’s just the beginning. I am going to try to sell these books, and as soon as I get rid of them I am going to pick another batch. I am really seeing no point at all to keeping 95% of these books that I could get from the library and read any time I wanted to. So out the door they go! Here is what my bookcase looked like before I chose the 34 books:


Looks pretty empty already, right? Well, at one time it was full with books – every single block was stuffed. Now there are half empty ones, along with the bottom left one which holds my now-deceased cat’s homemade cat scratcher that I am keeping for the next one. And the USPS bin is for paper recycling only. It’s not so much of a bookcase now as it is a catch-all for a bunch of stuff. Also, those vases are going to be sold as well I think, as I don’t really have a use for them and have been moving them around for years.

And this is what the bookcase looks like as of today:


A little emptier, a little lighter. Now, to get rid of the books I took out so I can go back in and pick more. So there you go – another 10 34 things out of my house for good! Are you still doing the 10 Things Challenge? If so, how’s it going? If not, why not?

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