10 Things Challenge – Week 14.

It should be about Week 50, but because I don’t do them every week (or every month) I am only at Week 14. Oh well. In any case, it’s time for another cleanout of “stuff”, because… I am getting ready to move yet again! I am moving back to California in the next month or so, and am using this as an excuse to once again go through my belongings to see what I can purge. First of all, here is the corner of stuff currently awaiting its trip out my door to the Salvation Army and the local library:


There’s much more than 10 things in those bags. There are about 15 books, some household goods that I have been carting around for years unused, and a bunch of other assorted crap that somehow was held on to the last few times I moved. It feels good to know they won’t be moved again!

Remember when I got my bookcase to look like this, back in February?


And then when I got rid of that giant bookcase and got my book collection down to this size?


Well, I have now cut my book collection down even more, and every book I own now fits in this trunk:


I clearly remember the days of spending hours packing up books in order to get ready for moving, but no more – this trunk holds them all, with room left over for a few more. Every time I move, packing is getting so much easier!

Anyway, just figured I would share “Week 14” of the series I started last year to get the ball rolling in decluttering my space. Hope it inspires you to either start your own 10 Things Challenge or get back to one you started with me in the past!

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