Take A Picture Of Your Business Card And Store It In Your Phone.

If you have a smartphone, why not use it as your business card as well? Instead of carrying around a stack of paper cards, I have taken a picture of my business card and stored it in my iPhone – ready to be emailed at a moment’s notice. Since you never know when you may need to give someone your card, this way you always have one with you and can just email it to the recipient whenever you need to. Here is what mine looks like in my phone:

IMG 0156 375x281 Take A Picture Of Your Business Card And Store It In Your Phone.

Could I just write down my info for someone else when I needed to do it or when I forgot my cards? Sure. But this is a lot cooler and a lot simpler!

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  1. Ingmar says:

    taking a picture is simple but recreating the card with photoshop will make it appear more professional.

  2. arcanacra says:

    your idea inspired me. managed to get rid of the collected business cards by a similar method : please check my entry at my tumblr. cheers.

  3. Scott says:

    Regardless of whether you designed the card yourself or if someone did it for you, you can get proof of the card in a common format (just avoid JPEG). Just load that on your phone. Looks better than a photo.

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