The Ultimate In Simplicity: Yurt Living.

Posted: June 5th, 2009 | 65 Comments »

Every time I start to think about the kind of house I would like to own one day, the idea of living in a yurt keeps coming up. I can picture myself in a 20 or 30 ft diameter yurt sitting up on a raised deck, somewhere in Colorado or New Mexico, surrounded by beautiful views and possibly a river. After many years of cutting back and rearranging my thinking, I have very minimal needs for my life – basically give me a roof over my head and food on the table, a reliable vehicle, an internet connection, a cell phone, my books, and maybe a few channels on the TV, and I would be a pretty happy camper. I don’t collect anything, hoard “stuff”, or have much need for things that don’t serve a purpose, so my storage needs are minimal at best. I imagine it looking something like this, from the Colorado Yurt Company’s website:

yurt1 The Ultimate In Simplicity: Yurt Living.

yurt2 The Ultimate In Simplicity: Yurt Living.

yurt3 The Ultimate In Simplicity: Yurt Living.

Wouldn’t that just be pretty cool? Nice and quiet, pitch black at night, and incredibly simple to both live in and also to maintain. I stayed in a yurt up near Big Sur, CA for a week and had an amazing time. Even though it was cold & wet outside, it was nice and toasty inside – and very home-y to boot. I just felt at ease while staying in the yurt.

Living in a yurt would certainly require you to minimize clutter and maximize organization, two things that I am getting very good at. It wouldn’t be like living in a tent, as you could have windows, heat, plumbing, snow and wind-load tops and sides, and you put them almost anywhere. Never mind the price – a fully-loaded 30 foot diameter yurt (which is huge, lest you think it isn’t – it’s giant inside), configured as I would want it for this area, would only run me a little under $16,000. Trying getting what amounts to a 900 square foot house for that much!

Find some land, drill a well, set up a few solar panels and boom – a very nice house for not too much money at all. Ditch most of the stuff I still am holding on to for some reason, pack up the cat and the computer, and move into a yurt near the mountains and a river. Sounds lovely and so very much like the simple and slow life I am after for myself…all things considered, who wouldn’t want to live like this:

yurt5 The Ultimate In Simplicity: Yurt Living.

Hmmm…time to make a dream a reality? Have you ever wanted to live in a yurt? Do you already? I would love to hear from you about it!