Help! I Am Buried In Clutter!

I received the following question from a reader over the weekend: “I am buried in clutter! Every single room in my house is full of “stuff”; some of it I don’t even know what it is! I have always been someone who kept everything, ...Read More

A Cup Of Coffee And A Window.

This past Saturday morning, I spent about 2 hours staring out my front window drinking coffee. I had the local NPR station on lightly in the background playing beautiful acoustic music that I had never heard before, and I just sat there…being. I was ...Read More

Free Downloads Of 5 Simple Living Posters.

I came across these a few weeks ago and figured that the new site would be a perfect place to post about them! These beautiful posters would make some pretty cool artwork, and I downloaded all 5 of them to have them printed and ...Read More

Feed Problem With Simple. Organized. Life.

If you have subscribed lately to the new site but have not been receiving the new posts every other day, it’s because of an error in the feed direction. So please, make sure you subscribed to the correct feed for the site. I will ...Read More