Cleaning Out My Clothes Closet.

This weekend I tried on every single piece of clothing that I own. Saturday, with the Red Sox game on in the background, I went through my entire closet and my chest of drawers and did a huge purge of the stuff that I ...Read More

100 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Clutter.

I thought you guys would really enjoy this one! From Martha Stewart: Because You Have Too Much Stuff 1. 1.4 million Americans suffer from chronic hoarding & clutter. 2. People burn 55 minutes a day looking for things. 3. 80 percent of what we ...Read More

The Lazy Sunday – A Forgotten Pastime.

The dictionary defines a pastime as “something that amuses and serves to make time pass agreeably”. Sunday used to be a day of rest, a day to recover, a day to spend time with family. It was a pastime for families all over the ...Read More

Clear Your Clutter By Organizing 15 Minutes At A Time.

Article from Marilyn Bohn, a professional organizer who works with women and seniors in clearing clutter and providing organizing tips. Visit her website for free organizing tips on her blogs, articles and videos. “The other day Rick was pulling out the last two ...Read More

Tips For Organizing Your Coat Closet.

Coat closets are often overlooked in a home organization plan. But what would it be like to have a coat closet that actually has room to store coats? Imagine having dinner guests and being able to fit their coats into the ‘coat’ closet without ...Read More