10 Things Challenge – Week Nine.

It’s now Week 9 in the 10 Things Challenge and at the same time I am decluttering, I am also packing to move to Colorado. So while I am getting rid of this stuff just to have less, it will also make my move much easier. This week I only gathered a very small pile to give away, but not every week can be like Week 7! Without further ado, here are the 10 things going out the door this week (along with tons of trash & recycling from preparing to move):

1. Dreamcatcher ->Give away
2. Bobblehead Cat ->Give away
3. Duncehat Man ->Give away
4. Deck of magic cards ->Give away
5. Razor cartridges for razor I don’t own ->Give away
6. Green “socks” ->Give away
7. Stack of 47 CD’s ->Friend
8. Obama bumpersticker ->Give away
9. Biodiesel bumpersticker ->Give away
10. Can’t tell you what it says bumpersticker ->Give away

10things9 10 Things Challenge – Week Nine.

So, there you have it 10+ more things leaving my house less cluttered. What 10 things are you getting rid of this week?

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  1. Ginger says:

    “Can’t tell you what it says bumpersticker” Hehehehe.

    Thank you for your ideas and motivation! I have decided to also join the challenge. I have to modify it to “5 things” for I am a college student living in a single room so I don’t have many things to begin with.

    1. All yu-gi-oh cards
    2. Harem pants
    3. Pile of old makeup
    4. Plastic orange basket
    5. Extra set of dice

  2. David says:

    Welcome aboard Ginger!

  3. Vicki K says:

    Week 9
    1.Duplicate medical records – shred/recycle
    2.Garbage bag of bags – recyle
    3.Three pairs boys shoes – trash
    4.Navy slacks – Goodwill
    5.More fabric – GW
    6.Blue tooth/charger – GW
    7.Stack of magazines – library
    8.DIY magazines – friend
    9.A slew of not-favorite pencils – GW
    10. Basketliner – Ebay

  4. Allison says:

    I was convinced that I had nothing else in my kitchen that I could get rid of. I was wrong.

    1. mini bundt cake pan
    2. mixing bowl
    3. casserole dish
    4-6. three kitchen tools
    7-11. five drinking glasses

    Everything is going to Goodwill.

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